Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just keep knitting, knitting, knitting

I've been knitting up a storm lately. I think seeing the Yarn Harlot and Franklin inspired me. As a result of all my knitting, I've finished quite a few things, which is immensely satisfying.

I started this sweater back in September, back when I was still pregnant with Elizabeth. My goal at the time was to knit something that could do for a boy or a girl, but once teeny little Elizabeth arrived, I decided the sweater looked too boyish. So it got shoved away in the knitting shelf, where it languished until two weeks ago when I pulled it out and finished it up. While the body of the sweater will probably fit Elizabeth this winter, I cast off too tight on the neck, and I can't get it on her. I'll be sending it along to a friend who just had a boy baby and who lives in a colder climate. Peruvian wool might a bit much for Austin winters.

Here's Elizabeth with it. I wanted to put it next to her to show how big it was, but she immediately grabbed it and put the sweater in her mouth. Sigh.

These are a "pair and a spare" baby socks I knit for a friend who also just had a boy baby. The yarn is Ty-Dy, and the colorway is . . . a mystery. I lost the ball band. Heck. I love that you can see the progression of the colors through the three socks. That's an iPhone with them for comparison.

I lurve these socks. They're Mini Mochi, colorway Strawberry. I made them from the remnants of the yarn I used for the socks below. I found the pattern on Ravelry - High Energy Baby Socks - and it was a bit fiddly for me. Picking up a picot trim on 34 tiny stitches was a bitch to do, but I like how they turned out. These are for a friend who is due with a girl baby next month.

I knit these socks in world-record time - two weeks and 3 hours exactly. The Mini Mochi is just the nicest yarn to work with. I loved watching the color transitions. My LYS sent out an e-mail on Wednesday that they had a new shipment of Mini Mochi, and I raced over there to grab some, because I know how fast it sells out. I think that yarn just got bumped to the top of my project queue.
Currently, I have two other projects on the needle - a pair of socks out of some cool yarn my mom got at Stitches South, and an adorable little knit dress for Elizabeth. The dress is my most ambitious project to date. I'm crossing my fingers that I can actually pull it off.


Ann in NJ said...

I'm in awe of all your finished objects. I have a sweater (for me, so it's bigger) that's been taking FOREVER. Although I'll admit it would help if I knit more than 2 rows every couple of days.

Lovely socks!

Suna Kendall said...

I think the sweater is really cute--just learn some new bind offs, I guess! And I can't wait to make something with my Mini Mochi--your socks look great!

Ann Imig said...

The socks are just adorable. I love the idea of "pair and a spare"

Cathy said...

you're a sock knitting fiend! I'm still a little scared of dpn to knit a pair of socks yet, but I'm getting up my courage. :)

Belle said...

Oh Gosh. I wish I could knit.