Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Gran, hey Gran

My mom, aka Knittergran, arrived yesterday for an extended visit. (My dad arrives on Thursday.) Our neighbors are on a trip, and my mom and dad are house sitting for them. So we get the benefit of having my parents here for a visit, but without having them in our house. It's not that we don't love having them visit, because we do, but our house is too small for two extra people.

Anyway, the big girls are beyond thrilled to have Gran here as a captive audience. From the moment Gran got in the car, she's been bombarded with "Gran, watch this!" and "Gran, do you know what?"

Once we got home things escalated even more. All poor Gran wanted to do was sit and relax and unwind from her trip, but the girls wanted to show her artwork and read her stories and drag her into their room.

The first thing the girls asked when they got up this morning was, "When is Gran going to wake up?" It's a good thing she's sleeping next door, otherwise she would have had two girls charging into the room to roust her out of bed.

Campbell is still a little unsure about who this Gran person is exactly, but he's decided that anyone who brings him a new Percy engine AND M&Ms must be ok. Elizabeth is just happy to have someone else to hold her and play with her.

I'm looking forward to having some extra sets of hands to help. Maybe I'll get something done around here. Or not.


Unknown said...

Nice! Love mom visits.

My mom in law is coming this week. Not looking forward to it too much except she will clean my house for me (and all I have to do in return is listen to her tell me how dirty it was!!!)

calicobebop said...

Hope you guys have a blast! I'll bet your mom is delighted to be so loved - even if it's a little exhausting. :)

Suna Kendall said...

Have a wonderful visit, and tell Gran hello!