Monday, April 13, 2009

A very good egg day

Since we're pretty much heathens around here, our Easter celebration is limited to finding eggs and devouring chocolate for breakfast. We opted out of B's family's Easter brunch years ago, preferring to spend the day with just our little family hanging out instead of being crammed into uncomfortable clothes and trying to keep the kids from destroying B's grandmother's house. So Easter is about as low stress around here as any day with four kids ages 8 and under can be.

When the Easter Bunny woke up at 4am to feed the baby and set the eggs out in the yard, she discovered that it was raining and thundering. So she left a note for the girls that said, "It was raining when I came, so I couldn't hide the eggs outside. Your mom and dad will hide them for you." The Easter Bunny thought this was a brilliant plan until Ella pointed out that the Easter Bunny has the same handwriting as the Tooth Fairy (dammit).

Once all the kids and B were up, I hid 27 eggs in the front and back yards and then we let the kids loose. It turns out Lily's egg finding skills have improved vastly in the past year, plus she's more willing to throw elbows in the scramble to get an egg, all of which ticked Ella off to no end. Lily wound up with more eggs than Ella, which made Ella pout. Keep in mind, that the only prize for getting more eggs was - more eggs. We hide the hard boiled decorated eggs around here, not the plastic, candy filled ones.

Campbell just wandered around, picking up eggs and putting them back down again while announcing that the egg was wet. Maybe next year he'll understand more.

Eww - Ella found an egg with a hitch hiker on it.

Campbell had just put the pink egg back on the ground next to the tree, right where he found it.
Once the weather cleared up and the day turned beautiful, we headed to the neighborhood park. Campbell rode his tricycle the whole way there - about half a mile. The girls are way ahead on their scooters.
Lily showed us that she has mastered the monkey bars. She's quite proud of herself, and rightfully so.

And Elizabeth slept in the jogger.
It was a good day, all the way around.


Unknown said...

the Easter Bunny has the same handwriting as the Tooth Fairy (dammit).


(and my son has those SAME jammies!!!)

Anonymous said...

We figured our kids would notice the handwriting, so I had my neighbor write the note. She took it upon herself to add the footprints on the porch, and the kids. went. crazy. Definitely the best Easter trick ever.

the mama bird diaries said...

It's not your fault that the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy have strangely similar handwriting. Jeesh.