Monday, July 14, 2008

Sounds fair to her

Lily goes through phases where she hits. Every couple of months, she'll hit her sister when she gets angry with her. Then the behavior will disappear for a while. We've tried everything we can think of to stop it completely - time-outs, loss of privileges, loss of cherished items - but nothing has really worked.

Lily also has this funny way of talking that we call her "mafiosa voice." I don't think she's aware that she's doing it, but once in a while she'll say something in this low, gravely, vodka-and-cigarettes voice that just cracks us up.

The girls and I picked my mom, knittergran, up at the airport on Saturday and then we all headed to a birthday party for one of the girls' friends. Along the way, Lily socked Ella.

I told Lily that when we got to the party, she had to spend three minutes in time-out instead of joining in the fun right away. At that point, my mother suggested that maybe every time Lily hit Ella, Ella would get to hit her back. Ella giggled a bit at the thought.

Then Lily said, in her best mafiosa voice, "That sounds fair to me."


Memarie Lane said...

We do that hitting back thing, but it's begun to backfire. Max hits Jessamine, so she hits him back. So he hits her back, so she hits him back. And it turns into a brawl.

Becca said...

kids are best when they make you laugh without meaning to

Chris said...

Sorry, I am ROLLING here- #1b does her "exorcist voice" every once in a while, and we're torn between laughing hyserically and looking for the holy water and cross.. :)

Sorry about the hitting - let me know if you trip over the magic solution!