Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Grammar Gal, redux

In January of 2007 I wrote a post about this podcast called "Grammar Gal." It was a small rant about how someone who calls herself an expert on grammar and who has a podcast that's available on iTunes should be careful about the grammar she uses in her podcasts. I received exactly one comment on the post.

These days, I receive about 30 individual hits a day on my blog, about half of them are friends and relations who lurk. About 25 percent leave comments, and the rest seem to wind up on my blog by Googling lice, migraines, and running.

Today when I checked my stat counter, my jaw dropped. I've had more than 60 individual hits and almost 100 page loads. This is an all-time record for me. So I checked my keyword report - at least 30 of the hits were from people searching for Grammar Gal. My initial post about her comes up second on the Google report, just below GG's official Web site.

One visitor even left a comment noting a misspelling in my post. As I said in response, I never claimed I could spell.

So this all makes me wonder - Why in the past two days have there been so many searches for Grammar Gal's site? Was she in the news? On Oprah?

All I know is that I had more than double my usual number of readers today. If any of you came here from Google and are visiting again - Welcome! Stay for a while. Browse through a few posts. Kick back and enjoy yourself.


Anonymous said...

She was indeed on Oprah

hokgardner said...

Thank you! The mystery is solved.