Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Picture Wednesday

When Campbell's hair gets like this, we call him Garfunkel. I love the curls, but it's definitely time for a hair cut.

Lily LOVES having her picture taken these days, even if it is hard to get a real smile out of her.

Ella doesn't like cooperating. She refused to look at the camera.


Becca said...

seriously, why do the boys always get the curls?
my dad, my brother, my uncles, my husband = curly hair
my mom, me, my sister = straight

only my son seems to be on my side on this which I love, HA!

Shamelessly Sassy said...

adorable photos! Those curls are so fabulous!

knittergran said...

Gosh, I've NEVER met these kids or anything, but really, these are the cutest, most beautiful, intelligent-looking kids I've EVER seen!

Anonymous said...

Oy, those curls are too much. Beautiful kids.