Saturday, March 22, 2008

It was 11 years ago today,

at almost exactly this time that the Reverend Doctor Claddis pronounced me and B husband and wife. How fast time has flown. It feels like I've been with B forever, instead of 13 years total, but the years also seem to have gone by in a flash.

Unlike last year, we're not doing anything fancy. Nor am I putting on my wedding dress. I know it still fits - I don't need to prove it.

The girls heard us wishing each other happy anniversary this morning and asked what we were going to do to celebrate. I told Ella we were going to say "Happy Anniversary" and "I love you," and then I was going to take a nap. She giggled.

B was going to send the kids away for the night, but I vetoed that. Just because it's our anniversary, the kids shouldn't be away on Easter morning. They're supposed to wake up and run outside in their jammies to look for their eggs. Plus, my m-i-l wanted to take them to her church's Easter service, and there was NO WAY I was letting that happen. They'd come born again or something.

So we'll pack the kids off to bed tonight and watch a movie or something. Big times at our house!


The Kretzings said...

Happy Anniversary to you and B! I can't believe it has already been one year since I read your blog about you putting on your wedding dress. Time needs to slow down.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm sorry I've been offline and missed it. I hope it was great.