Saturday, March 01, 2008

Gut check

I wavered about running this morning: I've had a low-level migraine for three days; Campbell was up twice in the night; and I just wasn't feeling the love. But I dragged myself out of bed and met the running chicks at 6:30.

It turned out to be a gut check kind of run. We stuck to the Trail this morning instead of heading for the hills of the Windsor Loop, and as a result I had several bail-out points. But each time I had the chance to cut the run short, I dug deep and kept going.

In the end, I ran the five-mile loop with three of my long-time running buddies, and I'm glad I stuck it out. I did the same loop on Monday without a problem, but today I wasn't sure I was going to make it without walking. I was still feeling the effects of the migraine, plus it was beyond humid. But I kept putting one foot in front of the other, thinking about how putting in the miles now will help me ramp up this summer if I get my NYC entry.

Plus, now I'm finished with my running for the weekend, and I don't have to go back out there until Monday. That's worth something.


Seamus O'Pine said...

I need me some of that stick-to-it-iveness. Seems the only thing I can commit to is seconds.

Way to go!

Barb Matijevich said...

Um. You sure you enjoy this running thing? Yeah. Yeah, I know.

God, I miss it.

Oh, come ON! My word verification word is hceymmxb