Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Party of five

Remember that show? I never watched it, but the wife of one of our friends was addicted to it. They came for dinner at our house once, and the wife left the table mid-meal to sit in the living room and and watch the stupid show. That was the last time we invited them for dinner.

The weather is nutty this week. Sunday was 91 and sunny. Monday was rainy and 50, and today was sunny and 60. I can't keep up.

It was a shame we didn't have today's on Sunday. For the second year, B's office hosted a day in the pumpkin patch at Sunshine Community Gardens. There was a professional photographer taking pictures of kids and families. Lots of kids came in costume and melted. The girls opted for cooler attire. There were also snacks and tours of the gardens, with a plant hunt for the kids.

We had fun, and we had our second-ever family picture taken with all five of us. The first was last year at the same event. Campbell was about 6 weeks old and slept through the whole thing. I sure hope that at least one of the pictures the photographer took turns out well, because none of the pictures B's dad took with my camera did. This is the best one we got.

B's hair is goofy from the wind, and Lily's eyes are mostly closed. But at least all five of us are in the same place at the same time.

The gardens have a tractor, which was decorated for the event. I put Campbell up on it, and he thought he'd died and gone to heaven. He got so mad when I took him off of it. Can't you just imagine he's yelling "Yeehaw!"

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Family Adventure said...

Oh, he is so cute! It looks like a great day. And I'd take the hot weather over rain and misery any day (can you tell it's raining here?).

The family shot looks great - what do you mean?! It IS hard, though, to get all the kids to sit still, smile and keep their eyes open at the same time. Nearly impossible, in fact! I am speaking from experience here... :)