Wednesday, October 17, 2007

One at a time, please!

It's just not fair. It isn't. We can't have two sick parents at the same time. It's just not fair.

Yesterday I started out feeling ok, like maybe I was recovering from what someone referred to as the "fatigue virus," so I caught up on grocery shopping and restocked the barren pantry. I also had to buy two sets of snack for Lily's preschool - one to replace the emergency stash the school used last week when I forgot that I was snack mom, and one for this Thursday, when I'm snack mom again. Of course, it took two trips to the store to accomplish this since I forgot the protein for one of the snacks.

Anyway, by the time I finished with the trips to the store and picked Lily up from school, I was done in. I put Campbell down for a nap and confined Lily to her room and promptly passed out on my bed for an hour. I pulled myself back together when Ella got home, but after an hour, I caved and broke my self-imposed "No TV on school days" rule and let the kids watch Baby Mozart for an hour.

During that time, B called to inform me that he was on his way home because he was feeling sick. He came home and promptly threw up, many times. He seems to have the bug that Campbell and Ella had last week, only his didn't clear up after four hours like their bouts did.

So even though I wasn't feeling healthy, I had to buck up and be the parent in charge and handle dinner and bedtime on my own, which is tough to do solo even when I'm healthy.

Poor B is still in bed. He appeared for a few minutes this morning to check his e-mail and voice mail, and I took him some gatorade a while ago. Adding insult to injury, I bought him a big creme brulee, his favorite food, from Central Market as a thank-you treat for being so helpful when I was sick. It's sitting in the fridge waiting for him. I hope he gets well soon enough to be able to eat it.

I'm still feeling puny, but now that I don't have back up, I can't be sick anymore. I'm just hoping that no one gets sick with anything else. I can't take much more.

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Family Adventure said...

Being sick is awful, but being sick and STILL have to cook, feed, clean and parent is worse! I feel for you and I really hope you get better soon. Your poor husband, too.

- Heidi