Friday, October 12, 2007

Mooching a sick day

At four this morning I woke up to Ella barfing all over my bathroom. She had climbed down from her bunk and run all the way back to our room, only to not quite make it to the toilet. She has apparently caught the bug Campbell had earlier in the week.

She threw up a couple more times this morning, and I've cleaned up more barf than I care to think about because it makes me gag (both the cleaning and thinking).
Of course I kept Ella home, crossing my fingers that her bout would be as short-lived as Campbell's, which lasted all of four hours. Ella's birthday is tomorrow, and we've got a big party planned at the neighborhood park. It's a field day - egg tosses, tug-of-war, three-legged races, dizzy bat relay, the works. We've invited everyone from her class, and even though I asked for an RSVP, only three families have done so. Cancelling the party would mean getting a phone list from Ella's teacher since the school directory isn't out yet, and calling every family. Bleah. I figure that if she gets to noon without throwing up again, we can invoke the "24 hours without throwing up" rule and have the party.
I kept Lily home today, too. First of all, I just didn't have the energy to load her and Campbell in the car, and I didn't want to have to drag poor sick Ella along for the ride. Second, if you had asked me which of my kids would get sick next, I'd have picked Lily without hesitation. She's been acting puny the last two days and has barely eaten a thing. So I figured I'd keep her home just in case she started throwing up too. Plus I didn't want to send her to school to infect her friends.
As a result, Lily is thoroughly enjoying Ella's sick day of watching cartoons on the sofa under the "sick" blanket. I'm guessing she won't like it nearly as much though when I tell them they both have to take rest time during Campbell's afternoon nap.
Here's hoping that Ella gets better in time for tomorrow and that Lily doesn't get the bug next.


Family Adventure said...

Hope Ella gets better in time for her party. Would be a shame (and a pain) to have to cancel it. And cross fingers that noone else catches it -- including Lily AND yourself as hostess tomorrow!
- Heidi

Suburban Correspondent said...

Well, I must apologize - I read your comment in Barb's blog about your having a b'day party tomorrow and I told Barb I was coming over here to lecture you on the asininity of hosting a party in your virus-ridden house; but now I see it is an outdoor party and you really haven't taken leave of your senses. Good luck! It may be that Lily had a mild version of it and is done.

And, yes - down with goody bags!

MadMad said...

Hope everyone got better and stayed well - and that the party was enjoyed by all. My son's was yesterday, too - how funny!