Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Twirling Girls

I truly believe that every person has his or her calling in life, maybe more than one. Mine have been swimming and running. My mom wanted me to be a tennis player, but I just never loved it the way I did being in the water or running at dawn.

We tried gymnastics with Lily since Ella loves it, but it just wasn't her thing. I didn't realize it until parent watching day when I saw that Lily cried between each station. I felt terrible I had made her go to something she so obviously didn't like. The same thing happened with swim lessons last summer. When she was waiting on the steps for her turn, Lily would sob hysterically with her hands in her mouth. But I made her keep going because I firmly believe everyone should know how to swim.

I signed Lily up for "ballelet" classes this fall with her buddy Ava. Our first parent watching day was a few weeks after we started taking the class, and I was thrilled to see Lily. She LOVES her dance class and her teacher. She smiles and laughs the whole time.

We had another parent watching day last week, and it was the same story as the first time - Lily whirled and twirled with obvious delight. Ella may end up being the gymnast or diver in the family, but Lily's going be our dancer, which is just fine with me. Everyone has to have their thing!

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