Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"He'll keep calling, he'll keep calling. . . "

One of my favorite movies is "Ferris Bueller," and one of my favorite scenes is when Cameron is in his car, deciding whether to go get Ferris. He says, "He'll keep calling, he'll keep calling." And then in a beautiful moment of freaking out, he says, "I'll go, I'll go, I'll go." It doesn't look funny in print, but it's hysterical in the movie. As an aside, my favorite character in the movie is Cameron.

Anyway, that was me this morning when the alarm went off at five for running. I wanted to get up and meet the running chicks at the track, but I was SO tired. Campbell had slept through the night, but Lily hadn't. So I was in bed thinking, "I don't want to go, I'll be too tired." Then it was, "ok, I'll go. I'll go. I really will. I'll go." After about five minutes of this, I did get up and head out the door.

And I'm so glad I did. It was a good workout and a fun session with friends. I always feel so virtuous when I run early in the morning. Ever since we moved here, every morning, there's been a group of runners who go down our street; the same guy is always in the lead. I finally tracked them down - they start at a boxing gym about a mile from our house. On mornings when I've gotten up and run, I watch them go by and feel good that I've gotten my run out of the way for the day. On days when I haven't run, I watch them and think about what a slacker I am and how I need to get my butt out the door. I've been feeling that way A LOT lately. So it was nice to see them run past this morning and not feel guilty.

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