Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Flashback Tuesday

The kids are all supposed to have their rooms cleaned and ready for inspection by 11:00 am each Sunday. Campbell, Lily and Ella had finished their chores at about 10:55, but Elizabeth was screaming that there was just too much to clean and she needed help. I tried the trick of having her just pick up clothing or just pick up dolls or just pick up five things, and none of them worked.

So I got mean and told her she had to stay in her room until she had picked up enough things that I could tell the difference.

Instead, she emptied the entire contents of her dresser on the floor. The other side of the room was even worse. FeeBee likes to sleep in Elizabeth's room next to the bed, but she couldn't even get to her spot.

This morning Elizabeth and I worked on getting her room under control. At one point, while standing on her rocking chair with her hands on her hips, Elizabeth told me, "This is the upstairs. Kids can do whatever them wants upstairs."

As I was convincing Elizabeth that she really didn't need to keep bent wire hangers and wadded-up stickers,  I remembered this post. And its thrilling conclusion.

Some things never change.


Unknown said...

all I can say after reading those previous posts is that Ella is determined and strong willed and it will pay off some day for her in future. and you can sit back and say yep, that's my girl.

donna said...

I wish I could just not care about the state of my kids rooms... obviously they don't care, but it always just drives me mad.I am constantly amazed that it doesn't bug the hell out of them. But it seems that they just improvise - if they can't find any underwear just don't wear any. Maybe Ishould just start doing that and see if that provides them with the necessary motivation to clean up.

Ann in NJ said...

I have a hoarder, too. I've always said William would save the garbage if I let him. He's getting a little better,and his older siblings seem to have outgrown it - though they never had it as bad. But I do think you were right not to give in completely - taking the picture before you put it in the can might have saved you the digging, but those things are always clearer in hindsight. I wouldn't have tolerated that behavior either. And if you give an inch on something like that, it's going to happen again. Now, if they try to reason with me, I am willing to carefully consider their argument. But not a tantrum.

Susan said...

I mostly did that sort of clean up when the kids weren't around for the same reasons. I would not have given in, either. Even so, when my 19 year old (with a personality like your Elizabeth) comes home for Spring Break I am going to force the issue of cleaning out all her crap - she has been in college for almost 2 years and her room is still full of junk.

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