Monday, June 11, 2012

Running again

I’m running again, have been for weeks now. But I didn’t want to say anything and jinx myself. The difference now is that I’m not keep track in any shape or form of how far or how long or how often I run. I have set absolutely no goals in terms distances or times, and I haven’t registered for any races. I even pulled my name out of the lottery for the NYC marathon. The thought that I had a chance of even getting an entry was making me panic.

It’s all because of FeeBee. When I get up in the morning, she expects me to take her out for a walk. And those walks slowly morphed into runs. Now when FeeBee sees me get my running shoes on, she does backflips around the house and howls. I have to get her out the door to keep her from waking up the entire house.

FeeBee is the best coach I’ve ever had. She does not care that I didn’t get enough sleep or that it’s dreadfully hot and humid. If I don’t put her on the leash and take her for at least three miles, she follows me around all day, heaving big doggy sighs.


I’ve even made it down to the Trail the past two Friday mornings to meet up with running friends. I have no hope of being able to keep up with them, but it’s nice to see other people. Plus, Friday runs now end with a dip in Barton Springs, which is a lovely way to start the day.

For now, my only goal is to keep running, or even walking, through the summer. That way when things cool off in October, I won’t be starting from scratch. I think I can handle that, with FeeBee’s help.


Runner Dude said...

Yea for FeeBee. Remember, to keep running as an adult you have to keep it fun. Once you make it a chore you are doomed.

donna said...

They are the best kind of runs. Just for the sheer enjoyment of it. They're my absolute favorites. Your training partner certainly is consistent.

Unknown said...

gotta love a dog!

Alexandra said...

Motivation: doing for others is sometimes all one needs.

Happy for you.

i need to do the same!