Monday, May 02, 2011

I can’t move my eyebrows

Last Friday, I went in for Botox injections  in the hopes that they would get my migraines under control. The doctor initially said that the treatment would include 31 shots into my forehead, my scalp and the base of my skull.

I was dreading the pain of the injections. When I had six shots last spring, they hurt like hell. But the neurotoxin she used that time was slightly different than Botox. This time, she used Botox, and it turns out that the stuff doesn’t burn and sting nearly as much. Plus, she decided not to do the whole course of injections; I had 18 shots instead of 31.

It was still an extremely unpleasant experience, though. The shots in my forehead and my scalp hurt, but they were tolerable. The four shots in the base of my skull, however, nearly did me in. The doctor had me sit on her little rolling stool and then rest my head on my arms on the exam table. It was very good I was sitting like that, because I might have passed out, otherwise. I don’t know why those four shots hurt as much as they did, but holy hell. They hurt so much I thought I was going to throw up. And when the doctor was finished, I had to sit there for a few minutes and pull myself together.

Yesterday afternoon the Botox really kicked in, and my eyebrows stopped moving. I can raise them – just a little – but I can’t furrow them. I make very funny faces each time I try. The kids think it’s hysterical.

I’ve been worried about whether this would work. Last spring I didn’t see enough of a reduction in migraines to justify the expense. This time, I didn’t want to get my hopes up too much, but I was hopeful that having three times as much Botox would make a difference.

And I think it has. This afternoon I could tell I was having a migraine. The back of my neck felt tight, I had visual distortions, and I was slightly nauseated.  But I didn’t feel any pain. Amazing. I’ll take feeling slightly icky over blinding pain any day.

I hope that this continues to work. Having daily migraines has worn me out, and I’m tired of spending every day dreading the inevitable onset.

So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my migraines are under control. And I’m enjoying my nice smooth forehead, even if I can’t move my eyebrows.


ckh said...

I'm so excited for you! Moving your eyebrows is so overrated anyway. Yay for painless!

Alexandra said...

But how do you look???? Younger?

Susan said...

It is all so interesting the way you describe how the botox works - not the pain of getting it done - Oowww. I really hope it continues to offer you relief.

Leigh Ann said...

Laughing at the Empress. Well, do you???

Sorry to hear you suffer from migraines. I've had the occasional, and had a small recurring bout in college, but nothing like it sounds like you suffer from. I hope the treatment ends up working well for you.

susan said...

Found your blog after scouring the net for answers to "too many migraines." You aren't alone - I starting getting migraines after my son was born (14 years ago) and I have counted 13 so far this month, with a week to go still. I'm taking way too much Imitrex, but haven't found anything that prevents the headaches from coming. Please give an update on your Botox experience! I'm hoping it's good news.

Anonymous said...

I love this post. I just had botox for migraines yesterday. I am wondering if you can move your eyebrows now? I am hating the stiff feeling and am looking for something to look forward to...