Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back from the beach

We're home, thank the baby jeebus. Overall, it was a good week away. There were some minor hiccups, like Elizabeth's absolute hatred of having her feet touch the sand and the drunk elephants upstairs, but the good stuff outweighed the problems, for sure. I have lots of posts lined up.

I did a good job of turning off electronics for the week, mostly. I still checked e-mail a few times and scanned headlines online, but I stayed off Twitter and Facebook, with one exception, which I'll get to in a minute.

While I was unplugged, I didn't read blogs at all, and when I turned on my google reader this morning, I cleaned out my list of unread items so that I wouldn't be tempted to spend all day today down the rabbit hole. This also means I haven't left comments for anyone. Please don't hate me.

Spending the week without Twitter and Facebook has broken me of the habit of checking in constantly. I think I've been online all of twice today.

As a result of being offline, I got a ton of knitting done - I finished a pair of socks and started a new one and worked on my sweater. I also read a lot; I currently have four books in progress - Empire of the Summer Moon, Pillars of the Earth, Kon-Tiki, and The Great Swim.

And now for the question I posted on Facebook and Twitter:

What the hell is an esoteric hot tub?

(And I have tried a dozen times to get the image to flip right side up. It's correct in my photo editing software, but for some reason when it gets imported to effing blogger, it flips. So I'm giving up.)


Barb Matijevich said...

Remember when Campbell hated the sand??

Alexandra said...


Now full of guilt.

No twitter, no bloggityblogblog = tons of productive things done.

I get it.

The Kretzings said...

Hooray for a nice time away! Welcome home!

I experienced the same weaning from FB, the Internet, etc. last September when we went to the beach for a week. No computers anywhere. It was nice not checking in and honestly, I didn't miss it at all. Of course, the effects only lasted for a couple weeks afterward, then I was back to my bad habit. I'm looking forward to our beach trip this year and the weaning again. I just can't break the habit cold turkey when I'm at home. Terrible.

Susan said...

Sounds wonderful. Hope you love Pillars of the Earth as much I as did.