Monday, August 23, 2010

Baby and the Beach

I wouldn't say that Elizabeth exactly hated the beach. She certainly liked it better than Campbell did at the same age. He wouldn't even sit on a chair on the blanket without screaming.

Elizabeth was just fine as long as her little feet didn't touch the sand. She was quite content stand at the very edge of the blanket and dig in the sand, always making sure that her toes never crossed the line. It actually made it quite easy to keep an eye on her - I always knew right where she was.

We eventually convinced her to sit on my lap at the very edge of the water and let the little waves lap over her legs, and she ended up loving it. Elizabeth would happily kick and splash in the water, but if her feet actually touched the sand, she'd scream - just like in the picture below.

I'm hoping that Elizabeth will come to love the beach as much as the rest of us do. I think she's at the age when anything new or different is bad, bad, bad.

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Baino said...

ah that's priceless. Save the pics for her 18th birthday celebrations when you're trying to 'stop' her going to the beach with the wrong lads!