Monday, January 04, 2010

knitting pictures

i had planned to post a bunch of pictures of my christmas knitting, but as i downloaded the photos from my new camera, i realized how few pictures i took of the finished items. i don't have any pictures of the slippers in knit for my mother-in-law or the scarf i knit for b's grandmother or the mittens i knit for one of my best friends. i also don't have good pictures of any of the three hats i knit for b, uncle t or uncle d. i'm so bad at documenting my accomplishments.

here are some of the pictures i did manage to get.

first up is the "simple yet effective shawl" out of noro sock yarn. i loved this pattern, which is knit from the top down with increasing stitches every other row. the pattern calls for dividing the skein in half and alternating four rows of stockinette with one ball and four rows of garter with the other to get the striping pattern. the shawl turned out a little too small - it was more of a shawl-ette, so i'm going to try it again with two different yet related skeins of koigu.

you can see the colors better in this picture. it was so fun to watch how the striping turned out. this is the project that got me through one maddening afternoon at a surgery center.

this is the yarn harlot's "one row scarf." i used all the left over worsted weight wool i had from the hats i knit and just changed colors whenever i felt like it. the pattern has a nice texture to it, and the scarf turned out really, really well. i've now knit a second out of wool left over from some mitten projects, but i don't have a picture of it.

i knit this cowl, modelled by goofy lily, for one of my best friends. it was a snap to work on, and the yarn was absolutely lovely. it's some hand spun stuff made out of merino and alpaca that is beyond soft. the colors don't come across well in the picture, but there subtle changes in the reds that make it look like jewels. i have a skein and a half left, and i can't wait to work with it again.
yesterday i felted a pair of slippers for lily and cast on a pair for ella. i found a basic pattern on ravelry that is a snap to knit, and i've been using up lots of the cascade 220 that's been hanging out in my stash for ages. i'm also working on a ruffled scarf for me out of some gorgeous arucania, but it keeps getting put on the back burner because of projects for other people. i've also got a pretty spring scarf on the needles for the nice lady who keeps bringing us food and a pair of socks for one of my best friends. unfortunately, work has started up again, which is going to drastically limit my knitting time.


calicobebop said...

Well, I simply in awe of your knitting ability. I am still at the scarf and dishcloth stage. Maybe one day I'll branch out and make some other pretty things like yours!

Cookie said...

I like the last one the best. The red color is striking. And the model has a cute smile too ;)

did my comment not go through?