Sunday, January 03, 2010

starting 2010 off right*

despite my glum mood, we have at least started the new year off well.

i took the christmas tree down on wednesday and had it on the curb in time for brush collection on thursday. i love the twinkly lights and the smell of the tree, but i hate how much space it takes in our already small living room. having it gone makes the room feel so much bigger and brighter.

thursday b and i worked together to get all the christmas lights off the house, and he stored all the lights and decorations in the garage where they belong. christmas is officially put away - yay!

while b and i were on the roof on thursday, a landscaping crew came and cleaned the leaves out of all the front garden beds, pruned bushes and spread a good layer of mulch for us. the yard looks great and is ready for whenever i manage to get new plants for the spring.

new year's eve we had an impromptu tamale party with two other families - which meant a grand total of 9 kids at the kitchen table at one point. after dinner, b entertained everyone, especially campbell, with roman candles, sparklers and whirlygigs. i was just happy that no one called the police on us.

i had a new freelance project come in, and i got a good start on it yesterday. it feels good to be doing something productive with my brain again, rather than just refereeing the girls when they fight with each other.

we've spent today working in the back yard raking leaves, pruning bushes and mowing one last time before spring. b's neck feels good enough, at least it does right now, for him to be up and working, which is a good thing.

in addition to all the household stuff, i've also managed to run twice.

so it's only january 3rd, and already 2010 is going pretty well.

*on my dad's advice, i popped the keys off my keyboard to clean under them, and now it's working worse than ever. looks like a trip to fry's is in order. i can't do my work this way.


DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Looking good! It will be weeks before my tree comes down. Drawback of the artificial kind. they don't dry out, forcing removal. Bad choice for procrastinators like me.

Baino said...

De cluttering the home helps declutter your life so I've been told. I wouldn't know. I can't bear to take my tree down just yet. It can wait until 12th night until another year. So glad that the neck's holding up. Just don't overdo it!

calicobebop said...

Ah yes, a productive start to the new year! I'm jealous - I've been a complete bag of laziness for the first three days. Maybe day four will be different? At least I'm at work!

Cookie said...

Yikes about the keyboard.
I am also tired of refereeing. I am going to get a black and white striped shirt.
I am also changing my name from "mo-om" to "Supreme goddess."
In case you don't understand "mo-om" that's mom pronounced with two syllables as in, "mo-om, he took my toy!"

Suna said...

The time saved will pay for the new keyboard!