Wednesday, December 16, 2009

When will this end?

This is our last week of school before the holidays. Campbell's last day was today, but he's home with pink eye, which ruins my plans for running a few last errands this morning. (When I told him he had pink eye, he said, "But I don't want pink eye! I want bwoo eyes.) The girls' last day is tomorrow.

I desperately needed this week to finish Christmas preparations and to gird my loins for three weeks of four children in a house that gets smaller by the day. Instead, I'm spending all my time prepping for and attending school holiday events.

Monday Campbell had his Christmas party, which started 11:30, effectively taking up my whole morning considering that I had to run to the grocery store to buy a veggie tray and a Secret Santa gift because I left the present I'd already gotten at home. And then school ended early for the day, which meant I had an extra half hour of Campbell time at home.

Last night I attended Ella's Winter Sing-along and concert at school. And this is where I reveal myself as a horrible mom - I hate going to things like school concerts and plays. I'm just not one of those parents stands there with video camera in hand recording everything. Don't get me wrong - I love seeing my kids perform. It's the sitting through an hour of it that I can't stand. Last night's event had an overflow crowd in the school cafeteria, and instead of sitting in the front row with my mother-in-law, I hung out in the back with the parents of one of Ella's good friends. The mom and I kept ourselves amused by joking around about bringing spiked egg nog to the parties in order to survive them. Every once in a while, my friend's husband would turn around and give us the hairy eyeball and ask why we weren't singing.

Today's events include not one, but two parties at school. Ella's is from 12:00 - 1:00, and Lily's is from 1:00 to 2:00. I'll be sprinting through the halls to make sure I'm on time. And instead of running errands this morning, I'm baking and frosting gingerbread muffins.

I had originally thought that today's events would be the last, but I found out yesterday that Lily's class is doing a holiday-themed "Readers' Theater" tomorrow morning. Lily's teacher, whom I otherwise adore, decided that it would be too much to do a performance AND a party today. I wanted to pinch her cute little head this morning when she explained the change in schedule. At least tomorrow's Readers' Theater doesn't require any baking.

Time to head off to school to help set up. Pass the egg nog, please.


knittergran said...

And people wonder what stay-at-home moms do!

Cookie said...

This is happening to me too. When I went to help in my kindergarteners class on Monday the teacher said I could also come on Thursday for his birthday. Who can say no to that? And then how about coming on Friday to help make gingerbread scenes? and then why not stay for the sing-a-long afterwards... And I'm also there today to help with Chess club. Yup, and I'm supposed to finish everything while the kids are school... sure...

Becca said...

OY! This makes me glad I have only one (and for now he goes to Jewish school so the Christmas season is non-existant!!).

Anonymous said...

I always call this Hell Week - it's 'remember to bring brownies to room 32 at 2pm wearing purple' day x 5 and it's extra fun having a child with a birthday during the week too!

Ann in NJ said...

I'm not a stay-at-home mom, I'm a live-in-car mom! This is a tough time of year - take a deep breath and remember WHY we do all this! (I say as I have baking and holiday cleaning and concerts and parties hanging over MY head).