Saturday, December 05, 2009


Technically, it did snow on Friday. There were some flurries that came and went for about an hour. But there was nothing like the inch of accumulation that the weather "forecasters" were predicting on Thursday night. In fact, when we drove to school Friday morning, they had already downgraded their predictions, much to the dismay of all the kids in the car.

I let Campbell and one of his little friends outside to play every time the snow started falling hard enough to at least see it, and they had a grand time running around with their tongues hanging out. One neighbor told me he could tell each time it started snowing because he could hear Campbell yelling with delight.

The girls' teachers let them outside to play in the flurries, which was a relief. I was very worried that I'd end up with two very upset girls after school. And as a bonus, Ella's teacher told them on Thursday that they wouldn't be able to go outside if it snowed unless they were dressed in weather-appropriate clothing. So Ella voluntarily went to school in long pants, a long-sleeved shirt AND a jacket. I was relieved to not have to fight with her about it.

I loved watching the snow fall. There's just something so magical about the white flakes fluttering down. I was disappointed that we didn't get enough to stick and that it didn't last longer. I haven't seen real snow since 1993, when I was at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs during a blizzard.

To soothe the girls' disappointment yesterday, I foolishly promised that the next time it snowed someplace in Texas, we'd hop in the car and drive to see it. So we may be driving to Dallas sometime this winter just so the girls can throw a few snowballs. Whee.


Dee at Pedestrian Palate said...

Snow is nice in the limited quantities that you mention here. Snow that comes from a NorEaster, that results in the snow plow burrying your car as they do a lousy job plowing your street? Not so much.

Amy said...

Olympic Training Center?? Can we hear a bit more about you being at the Olympic Training Center??