Thursday, December 03, 2009

It had better snow

Monday night's newscast had the first mention of the possibility of snow on Friday, and all week the chances for snow have gone up. Last night's news said there was a 70 percent chance of at least an inch of snow, which in Austin is a BIG DEAL. The weather people are all adither, and the way they're talking about it you would think we were getting a blizzard.

My kids have never paid more attention to the weather forecast than they have this week, and they're not the only ones. Conversation during this morning's carpool was about which weather forecast was giving the best odds and how much is predicted to fall and when.

Last night at dinner we were discussing the possibility of snow, of course, and Ella asked if I'd let them outside to play in it. She and Lily were thrilled when I said that they could play outside until their fingers fell off from frostbite. But then I rained on their parade by asking what would happen if it snowed while they were at school. Their little faces fell, and Ella said, "You mean we have to go to school even if it snows?" I had to laugh at that. I lived up north when I was little and remember all too well having to go to school in the snow. The girls perked up when I told them that I was sure their teachers would let them out to play if it really did snow.

I hope for the weather peoples' sake, it does. Otherwise, they're going to have to bar the doors of every TV and radio station in town to keep out the hordes of disappointed kids who want to have a little "chat" with the weather people.

Truth be told, I'm hoping it snows, too. I get as big a kick out of snow days as the kids do. Of course, if I lived up north and had to wrestle four kids in and out of snow gear on a daily basis, I'd feel differently. But one snow day every two or three years is just fine by me.

Here's hoping for snow!


Baino said...

Well I hope it snows on your parade and takes its time before it turns to smoosh. My kids were about 7 years old before they even saw snow! It only snows in the "Snowy Mountains" (very original name) here during July-September.

Shelly said...

Drew put on mittens this morning and thought it was hilarious. He loved them! Kept saying "these are so warm!" I would have enjoyed it a little more if I did not remember how much he hated these mittens last year because they didn't have fingers. Sometimes those short memories are helpful.

Unknown said...

I grew up in Ontario and we always had lots of snow, but I lived within walking distance of both my elementary and high schools so I never once had a snow day. the buses didn't run but if you could walk there, there was school...sucked.

Dee at Pedestrian Palate said...

How can Texas have its first snow before NY?

joanna said...

I guess it's going to snow during school so I hope the kids get to go outside. I'm sad to not be able to share it with them. :(

Ann in NJ said...

Local custom here if you want a snow day:
Wear your pajamas inside out and backwards
Put a spoon under your pillow
Flush an icecube down the toilet

Results not guaranteed.