Tuesday, December 08, 2009

So, so tired

Elizabeth seems to be on a sleep strike. After a few nights where she slept really well, she's kept me up for hours on end in the middle of the night. Last night she was up and down from 8:00 until 2:00 am. I guess she's making up for all the nights she didn't do this to me when she was teeny.

In the meantime, I am so, so tired. I wake up each morning and count down the hours until I can go back to bed. I'm even spacier than usual; yesterday I put the milk away in the pantry. The worst part is that I'm cranky and irritable with the kids, which isn't fair to them.

I'd write more, but my brain has ceased all meaningful functions. Keep your fingers crossed that tonight is better.


DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

My fingers and toes are crossed that you get a good night's sleep!

joanna said...

Here's hoping you have a better night. James has been enjoying going to bed at night listening to Christmas Elvis and Christmas John Denver songs. I'd burn you a copy, but it's on cassette. Let me know! The nights he wakes up after nights of good sleep are the worst. It's so hard to get back into that sleepless routine.

Shelly said...

In which I reveal myself as a terrible parent.

Perhaps she is teething? I would give Motrin about 40 minutes before bedtime. If she needs it, viola, good nights sleep. If she doesn't need it, well, it's just a little Motrin, right?

calicobebop said...

Poor thing! I hope she finally wears herself out and lets you get some rest!

Becca said...

well...Elizabeth deserves it, but you're right, the other ones don't! ;-)