Thursday, October 22, 2009

She's a GIRL

Yesterday Elizabeth and I met Wendi Aarons for lunch. Wendi and I have both been feeling a bit housebound, so we decided to eat our body weight in Tex-Mex, because that always makes everything better, at least temporarily. I decided to skip having a margarita since it wasn't yet noon.

The waitress was one of those super chatty types who wants to tell you her name and life story, which I HATE. She made the fatal error of looking at Elizabeth, who was dressed in a red shirt with heart-shaped buttons and black leggings with hearts on them and saying, "What a cute little boy!" When she saw the looks on our faces, the waitress quickly asked, "He is a boy, right?"

She then stammered something about how she was going to say he was a beautiful boy and that Elizabeth was a very pretty girl. Wendi and I smiled politely, and the waitress made a quick exit. I could tell she knew her tip was shrinking by the moment.

But honestly, how could anyone think that this sweet little thing was a boy?


LTYM said...

Thank you for letting me smell her head. She's so adorable.

And I'm sure LOTS of boys wear red velvet shirts. We just don't know them.

Holly Denghel said...

She is SUCH an adorable little girl.

And what mom would put leggings with red hearts on a boy?

calicobebop said...

That waitress was probably BLIND! She's an absolutely lovely little girl for sure!

Unknown said...

That woman is obviously an idiot. Bee-bee is soooo cute and it's clear she's a gurl.

love the dress!

Dee at Pedestrian Palate said...

She's very girly and quite adorable. I would not mistake her gender.

My son had a headfull of curls and was always referred to as a she. I never cared. Now that he's 13 he takes offense ;)

Baino said...

Perhaps it's her lack of hair! Haha . . .I used to dress both mine in primary colours but had the other problem. Adam had a head of blonde curls that I just couldn't cut until he was about three and someone commented on what a pretty girl he was!