Monday, October 19, 2009

Coffee with sugar, hold the salt

Two weeks ago, B snuck in while Ella was taking a shower and dumped a cup of cold water on her. She screamed and then promised revenge.

We expected it to be immediate and to involve shaving cream, but she didn't do anything. B and I both figured that Ella had forgotten the incident, so we did, too.

Saturday morning, B got up before I did and made coffee. When I came into the kitchen, he asked me to taste his coffee. It was horribly salty. So he threw it out and poured a new cup. We both smelled and tasted the cream, thinking it was the problem, but it was fine. He poured it in, added sugar and went on his way, getting ready to meet a client.

About 10 minutes later, he came into the kitchen, laughing. He had figured it out. Ella, as her revenge for the cold water incident, had poured salt into sugar shaker. B hadn't tasted it when he made his fresh cup of coffee because most of the salt had gone into the first one. I can't believe it took us both that long to figure it out. We truly had been stumped.

When Ella got up, B mentioned that his coffee had a strange, salty taste. She kept a straight face for a few minutes before cracking up. Ella was so proud of herself. She had planned and pulled off the revenge the night before while making popcorn for our Friday night movie.

I thought it was all very funny until I ended up with salt in my coffee. I had poured out most of the sugar from the shaker, but the salt had gotten very mixed in.

I'm hoping this is the end of the prank war for the time being. I'm afraid that innocent family members will get caught in the crossfire. But knowing Ella's and B's personalities, I'm guessing we'll all have to endure a few more tricks before they declare a truce.


Cookie said...

That is funny! and a very clever way to get revenge!

Becca said...

revenge is a dish best served cold, she is a smart grasshopper!!!

calicobebop said...

What a smart girl! Being a scorpio, I have to admire a good "revenge" tale. Way to go, girl!!

bejewell said...

I love this kid. This sounds so much like growing up in my house -- we were pranksters, too. What a totally fun way to grow up.

Amy said...

Becca took my words -- I always love a good payback!!

Amy said...

ps, I love the new look! Makes me feel like sprucing up over at my place too :)

Baino said...

Oh no . .I think this is the start of something BIG! Certainly would be in my house! Be afraid, be very afraid or if not, be vigilant!