Saturday, August 22, 2009

Scenes from the beach

Here are a few random pictures from our week at the beach.

Lily loved riding the waves. She'd scream with delight every time she caught a good one, whether it was in the tube or on a boogie board.

The kids played a wild game of capture the flag one night after dinner. There were accusations of cheating and lots of laughing and running around. They all trooped up covered in sand, exhausted and happy at the end of the evening.

Ella and the other big kids spent hours digging this hole. Unfortunately, someone came along and filled it in shortly after we took this picture. The kids came up with a grand scheme to dig a new hole and then take shifts throughout the night to watch for anyone trying to fill it in. The next day, however, they forgot all about their plans while playing.

Elizabeth loved sitting right on the edge of the water where the waves could just get to her. She'd let out great big belly laughs every time a wave rolled in. She also ate more sand than I care to think about.

Campbell has great beach hair. His curls get even wilder with the salt and humidity.

B and the other dads cooked up a mess of fish one night for dinner. B's contribution was bacon-wrapped shrimp kabobs on the grill. They were a huge hit.

Fortunately, Unfortunately, there aren't any pictures of me. As usual, I was the one holding the camera.


Anonymous said...

what wonderful photos of what looks like just a fabulous time... the kids are just adorable. Esp. love the belly-laughin' girl photo - her glee just jumps off the screen.

Suna Kendall said...

Looks extremely fun. I would love to do this with friends some day!

Cathy said...

that's the best--what a great time!

Shelly said...

We were going through some pictures this weekend for my son's new class and my husband realized maybe he should take a few more pictures of me, since all our pictures are of Drew or Matt and Drew.

Looks like the kids had a ball! Vacation success!

Baino said...