Thursday, August 13, 2009

I feel safe at home

Several years ago, mom had some freak injury that required a trip to the ER. While she was there, the nurse said, "I need to ask you - do you feel safe at home?"

Mom, without realizing what the nurse was actually asking said, "Well, we don't have a dog. We do have an alarm system, but we haven't used it in ages. But, yes, I feel safe at home." When mom saw the perplexed look on the nurse's face, she realized that the nurse was really checking to see if perhaps the injury was the result of domestic abuse. Mom's off-the-cuff answer seemed to satisfy the nurse that mom really was safe.

I bring this up because I half expected someone to ask me a similar question while I was at the ER with Elizabeth on Monday, especially after being treated to sharing a waiting room with a woman having a LOUD phone conversation about how furious she was that she was going to have to deal with Child Protective Services AGAIN about her son's injuries.

Why was I worried someone would question me?

Because I have a huge, ugly bruise on my right cheek as a result of our trip to our lake place on Sunday. While I was holding Campbell and attempting to step down on to the big raft tied to our dock, I lost my balance and stumbled a bit. As I fell, Lily popped out of the water onto the raft, and our heads collided. My cheek hit the back of Lily's head. She barely even noticed the collision. I, however, felt like my head had exploded; I truly saw stars.

My first thought, after making sure I didn't drop Campbell in the lake, was that I had broken my cheekbone - that's how much it hurt. I sat on the raft, stunned, for a few minutes before having B switch places with me and float with Campbell.

The bruise has been getting worse and changing colors by the day. And the spot is still tender to the touch - it even hurts to wash my face. And it's absolutely noticeable.


I've taken to wearing make-up on a daily basis in an attempt to hide it, but that probably makes people more suspicious.

Fortunately, the people who know us well, know that I am safe at home. And if anyone doubts me, I have witnesses to the accident.


Unknown said...

I got a black eye and scratch from a dog paw when we were living in small town and I was actually stopped several times by acquaintances on the street to see if everythign was OK at home. My husband asked me to stop going out until it healed so his reputation would not be ruined!

And one time, my husband (6' tall, 275 pounds, large man) went to the ER with anal pain (an undiagnosed fissure, he'd kill me if he knew I was saying this) and the nurse asked him if he had been raped...if he hadn't been in so much pain he would have laughed. He said if I had been raped, I'd be dead lady cause I would have fought that hard...

Baino said...

Aww and ouch! I so want to say something soothing and sweet but I can't stop giggling. You have the worst luck! Seriously though . .I've known lesser injuries spark interest, you're probably lucky that Elizaabeth was so grumpy they didn't notice your poor face. It looks so sore. Try a little Hirudoid cream, it's wonderful for bruising. Reminds me of the time my horse head butted me accidentally and gave me the most amazing fat lip that colleagues wanted to know if every thing was OK at home!

Organic Meatbag said...

Ouch!! Wow, I bet that does hurt!