Saturday, August 08, 2009


I have entered my annual August Doldrums, and I am in a horrible funk. The heat and bickering kids and have I mentioned THE HEAT, have dragged me down.

Even though this is my 15th summer in Texas, I still have not adjusted to the heat. This summer's been a particularly tough one given that the triple-digit temperatures started back in June and haven't stopped. We've had something like 43 days over 100 degrees. I long for cool temperatures and rainy days.

I truly believe that I suffer from a summer version of Seasonal Affective Disorder. But unlike those who suffer from it in the winter, I can't order a special lamp to help.

My kids seem impervious to the heat, begging for trips to the pool and the park. But the very idea of getting everyone into swim suits and coated in sunscreen and then loaded into a broiling car just exhausts me. So we stay at home, and the girls fight with each other.

So if you don't hear from me much in the next few weeks, it's because I'm hibernating in my dark, air conditioned house, waiting for winter.


Baino said...

Heather, we had three weeks of 40 plus in January when I had a paleface from Ireland visiting. I don't have aircon and I wanted to show him as much of Australia as I could while he was here. . .it was oppressive and I was bitching and harping about wanting winter. Now we're coming to the end of our winter I cannot wait for spring. All of a sudden 45 seems tolerable as long as there's the sea or a pool nearby. . .tough having so many littlies at home during the holidays though. At least you have aircon and questionable parenting as it may be . .there's always DVD's.

Unknown said...

you should move up here, summers are rarely over 75, its lovely. Course the winters are a tad colder.

Shelly said...

I am SO with you on this. I usually like summer and don't mind the heat, but this one has been so hot for so long. I'm just ready for it to end.

Seamus O'Pine said...

15? Wimp! ; )

Truth is, darlin', you'll never get used to it. This is my 47th Texas summer and I'm bitchin about it and miserable as all hell. I dream of November, when the heat will finally break.

Cathy said...

i can't handle extreme heat either, so I feel for you. I laughed when you mentioned the summer version of seasonal affective disorder. :)

donna said...

Its raining here today...and we are all (kids included)...quite happy about it. As much as I love the summer there is nothing like a rainy old day to break up the monotony of the heat.