Wednesday, April 04, 2012

My little entrepreneur

During spring break, in the hopes of preventing Ella from having a total nervous breakdown, B got her set up with her own multi-page web site. She spent the entire week working on it, and it’s something to behold. She’s now gotten Lily started with a similar site.

Ella’s, called The Magnolia Post, takes subscriptions and has advertisements. It also includes a members’ only section and posts from guest writers like knittergran.

She spent hours researching online pay systems, comparing their rates and fees and minimums and then presented us with a business case for signing up with WePay instead of Paypal.

Every day, when she gets home from school, her first request is to look at the stats for the site and check her e-mails.

On April 2, she sent invoices to her advertisers – me and Lily – and the accompanying note made me laugh so hard. It sounded like Ella was ready to break some kneecaps.

Thank you for sponsoring The Magnolia Post. As you know, part of sponsoring the Magnolia Post is paying for advertising. The payment due is $2.50 in person or $3.00 if you choose to do it over Wepay. Please look at the attachment, then contact me at

Then she spent an hour following me around, pestering me for payment. Unfortunately, my wallet was in the car, which B was out in, so I couldn’t pay up immediately.

Check out the site - – and maybe submit a comment or order one of Lily’s bracelets. You’ll make some girls very happy indeed.


Liz @ ewmcguire said...

I love that she named it after that tree. So perfect!

joanna said...

That is so fantastic! What a great idea.

Susan said...

Funny how their businesses cause us so much time and money! But that is the way their get their toes in the waters of commerce!

ckh said...

I love it! I sent a link to my 10yo. Very clever. :)