Sunday, January 01, 2012

Welcome 2012

It’s no secret that 2011 was a rough one around Casa HOK, what with the depression and the 6 months of rental housing and the heat and B’s continuing health problems. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see a year end. It was our very own annus horribilis.

But now it’s over.

We’re in our new house. We made it through Christmas. Lily danced in The Nutcracker. The big girls start a new school on Tuesday.

2012 holds a lot of promise for us.

This year I vow to:

  • Unpack the remaining boxes
  • Get my running back on track
  • Kick the depression to the curb
  • Get my freelance business off the ground officially
  • Make friends in my new neighborhood

Nothing on the list is earthshattering or hugely life-changing. I should be able to accomplish most, if not all of them.

At the very least, I got the new year started on the right foot.


Or maybe the left. I wasn’t really paying attention.


Baino said...

Hey new everything for you guys. Wishing you all the best for 2012. I'm sure there'll be some settling in dramas but, keep the glass half full (literally). Cheers from down under.

anymommy said...

At the end of this year, I hope you are able to say that 2012 was annus wonderfuless ;-) xo.

Susan said...

Whichever foot - may the paths through 2012 be smoother.

Alexandra said...

I wish you happy moments in 2012.

We just need a few now and then , to keep us going.


Alexandra said...

I need to do this:

Have FOUR points I can get to.

In fact, I'll do it publicly right now:

Not resolutions, VOWS:

I will declutter this house.

I will cardio 30 mins daily

I will be more into and in tune with my family, and not ships in the night with all our activities.

I will clean up the outside of the house

AND, of course: drink more water, eat less chips.