Tuesday, January 24, 2012


When I say we have cows just past the fence . . .


I mean, we have cows just past the back fence. And even though we’ve lived here for 6 weeks now, I still get a kick out of seeing them every morning. They show up at 9:00, just like clockwork.


Ann in NJ said...

I'm laughing because I grew up with cows just past the fence and we never took much notice. Now I have deer in the backyard on a regular basis, and I hardly take notice of them anymore. Unless there's a fawn. Those get notice.

knittergran said...

When Kathy was here with her grandchildren this past weekend, she went outside to get something from her car, and there was a deer walking up the street. THAT gets noticed!

donna said...

If you are quick and you warm your hands up maybe you can grab some fresh milk for your cereal in the morning. Unless of course you accidentally choose a bull, in which case that could be awkward.

Alexandra said...

I LOVE that you know what my life is like now.

I have been here 17 years, and though I'd like to take the small mindedness and safety cliquishness of these people and throw them in Lake Michigan, I NEVER HAVE TIRED OF THE COWS.

Not a single time.

They make me smile very time.