Friday, January 20, 2012

The thug life

I really need to pay more attention to what my kids wear to school. All he’s missing is a trucker’s cap.


Oh, and the white patches on his butt? Holes in his shorts big enough that you could see the Wall-E on his underpants. I didn’t notice until we were already at school. Not one of my finer parenting days.


donna said...

But you did get them to school AND they have clothing on most of their bodies. I'd call that a win.

Rebecca in Switzerland said...

I've decided I don't need to have kids b/c you do, and I get *such a kick* out of your stories & images.

Thanks for all these glimpses into your world.

He looks cute. ;-) Next year maybe those holes'll be en vogue.

Alexandra said...

LOVE this?


Because it makes me feel OK about my life.


shrink on the couch said...

Laid back enough to let your kids wear what's comfortable to them? Fine parenting indeed.

Susan said...

I always figured if they were clean - I did my job!

jennyp said...

My youngest (still, at the age of 11) often wears his shirts backwards. They used to be inside out on a fairly regular basis. Those darn shoes drifted from foot to foot. We would point this out, but he would only fix it sometimes, so we kinda quit worrying about it. Strangers would tell me sometimes, and I'd just shrug. They probably had concerns about my parenting!

Thug said...