Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Elizabeth has resolutely refused to crawl. Actually, she has resolutely refused to spend any more time on her tummy than is necessary. I despaired of her ever being able to move around on her own.

But it turns out she just has her own way of doing things. Instead of crawling, she scoots, and she is amazingly fast at it. Forgive the darkness of the video, I was using the video feature of my little point-and-shoot camera rather than my actual video camera.

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calicobebop said...

What a sweet little darling!

Who cares how she gets about - she is on the MOVE! Gotta luv it!

Keeffer said...

her system works better than campbells.

like this little gem


Karen said...

I know someone's daughter who scoots just like that instead of crawling. Her arms are a little longer so she actually kind of swings her leg through them, but it works. Her mom says that one leg is always dirty!

I think they just want to stay sitting up so they can see where they are going. Too Cute.

Unknown said...

so sweet!

My son never crawled on his knees, just pulled himself with his arms, combat-style, then pulled up and walked

Baino said...

Apparently a lot of babies scoot! Whatever gets them around I guess. And your feet make me realise I need a pedicure!

anymommy said...

The bootie scoot! Love it.

Tina said...

Very cute! And she is efficient!

Ann in NJ said...

My nephew scooted - and realized that left his hands mostly free to carry things.

I miss having babies! She's so cute!

(Ok, I don't miss them enough to have another of my own, but I need to find a loaner.)