Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Baby makes five

When Lily turned two, I started bugging Brandon about having another baby. He'd respond with lots of reasonable, rational arguments about why we didn't need to have another baby. I understood and agreed with every one of them, but I kept coming back to one answer - there was someone missing from our family. Finally, months later, Brandon admitted that he agreed with me; someone was missing.

Last night it hit me that we are finally complete as a family. Campbell ate his dinner before we did, but I left him in his high chair and put a spoon, cheerios and a cup of water on his tray to keep him entertained. We pulled him up next to the table while everyone else ate. It was the first time we've had the whole family at the dinner table together - all five of us. And it just seemed so right, so perfect. Campbell is who was missing from our family, and now he's here.

It was such a fun meal. The girls chattered to each other and told me and Brandon about their days. Campbell kept Lily busy dropping his cup of water over the side of his tray - she'd pick it up for him every time. It was just as it should be.

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Anonymous said...

I catch your blog from time to time. I completely understand this entry about a complete family finally. I only have 2 kids - boy & girl as you know but they look a lot alike so I always say I have a matched set. My son is a lot like me so I feel like I already knew him when he showed up but my daughter definitely gave me that 'finally' feeling of completion. I always have a hard time with folks who enter into baby making with uncertainty - you either know you are done or you don't I FEEL - Jennie P // FL