Friday, May 11, 2012

At least it got me out of the house

I’m still in my recluse mode, trips to Uchiko, BookPeople and the neighborhood pool, notwithstanding. Given a choice, I’ll stay home, thankyouverymuch. The thought of loading the kids into the car and driving the 20 minutes in to Austin just exhausts me.

So I had a very quiet morning planned for today. I was going to do some work while I let the littles vegetate with cartoons. Then we were going to ride bikes and scooters and walk the dog. When the big girls got home, if we were feeling wacky, we’d go to the pool.


At 8:00 this morning Elizabeth yelled, “I have something stuck in my nose!” from upstairs. I figured she just had extra boogers and told her to get a tissue, but she cried even harder. Turns out she’d crammed a bead into her nostril “by accident” and couldn’t get it out. I tried to retrieve it, without luck, so I called our pediatrician’s office as soon as they opened. We’ve gone to the same doctor forever, and the receptionist knows me a little too well. Here’s our conversation.

Me: Hey Kim. It’s Heather Gardner.

Kim: What’s going on?

Me: Elizabeth crammed a bead up her nose.

Kim: How about 9:45?

Me: Perfect. See you then.

I love that she didn’t even ask for details.

So I got Campbell and Elizabeth, who was still sniffling, dressed and loaded into the car. When we walked into the pediatrician’s office, all the staff just started laughing. Because of course my child had crammed a bead in her nose.

The nurse took us right back to an exam room to wait, and while we were in there, Campbell and Elizabeth amused themselves by hopping from blue square to blue square on the floor. After a few minutes, Elizabeth climbed into my lap and sneezed.


The bead popped right out. On the one hand, I was relieved that there really WAS a bead in her nose, because driving all the way in to the doctor’s office for a simple stuffy nose would have been embarrassing. On the other hand, we drove all the way in to the doctor’s office and then left without even seeing him. It wasn’t even worth buckling the kids into the car seats.

I’m also truly surprised that I’ve made it this long without one of the kids cramming something in his or her nose. And I would have bet good money that Campbell would be the one to do it.


On another note, my dear friend O’Pine is one of the funny folks behind this great video for Mommy Juice wines. Take a look and maybe have a drink. Dog knows I could use one about now.


knittergran said...

Poor maligned Campbell!

donna said...

That reminds me of a friend of mine who stuffed a pea up her nose when she was little thinking that was a good place to hide her vegetables instead of being made to eat them at dinner time. To this day she can't stomach peas. hopefully Elizabeth won't suffer the same lifelong aversion to beads.

Anna Lefler said...

I know Bill Cosby would have the perfect comment to put here.

Dang that Bill.

And glad the bead came out. *sniff*

Happy Mother's Day!

:-) Anna