Thursday, December 22, 2011

Getting Settled

If you could hear the noise in my head, it would be a long, slow, high-pitched whistle, like a tea kettle, but more annoying. Thanks to help from dear friends, we are mostly unpacked. The only boxes left are the ones filled with books and the ones I look in and say, “I’ll think about it later.” All the important stuff, mostly, has been found. The kids’ rooms are mostly set up. The kitchen is functional – I have a pot of soup simmering away right now.

And yet. . .

  • There are no pictures on the walls.
  • We have no Christmas tree.
  • All of my books are piled in boxes in my room.
  • I haven’t bought a SINGLE.CHRISTMAS.PRESENT for the kids, or anyone else.
  • I have at least three knitting projects to finish before Sunday.
  • We are apparently hosting Christmas brunch.
  • Three of the four kids seem to be coming down with something.
  • When they aren’t acting sick, the kids drag out every single toy I just put away neatly.
  • I am so far behind on laundry I may resort to going to the Washateria.
  • My clothes are in piles on my closet floor because I no longer have a dresser.

I’m going to go hide in my closet and breathe into a bag now.


And, yes, I realize these are all middle-class, white-girl problems, but I’m still overwhelmed.


Ann in NJ said...

Yes, white girl problems but still things you have to deal with. Take that deep breath and remember:
Kids are resilient about presents and might love getting gift cards so they can choose their own gifts. Nothing wrong with doing brunch with pre-made food from the deli or Costco - frozen stuff you can throw in the oven. Or potluck. Also nothing wrong with the washeteria and just getting ALL the laundry done at once. Might be a couple of hours to sit and knit by yourself if you can manage it. And the knitting that has to get done by Sunday? Can be wrapped on the needles, presented, and then taken back to be finished.

It will be okay.

Susan said...

Deep breaths, one step at a time, stockings are more important than a tree. Kids don't need a lot of gifts.

Sip your soup - you'll do fine by your family.

Ann in NJ said...

Oh, I forgot the tree problem. Have the big girls make a big paper one to put on the wall or a window, or if you buy a tree just do lights and don't worry about ornaments. Or hang ornaments from a chandelier. We screwed our tree stand to the subfloor and hung our stockings from a ladder the year the house was under construction. Stressful at the time, but funny memories years later.

And don't worry about putting the toys away. That can come later.

Becky said...

Sorry but I love "middle class white girl problems"

Tis the season for stress that keeps you in the closet.

Alexandra said...

Please, just let it go....honestly, Christmas is about being together.

It really is.

Don't forget your sense of humor, it's there, I've seen it: and it'll turn all this from a nerve wracker to a funny, funny story to be told in the future.

It'll be funny....

Anna Lefler said...

Listen, white-girl problems can be just as lethal as anyone else's. You are a stud to have accomplished what you've done so far - and right before Christmas!

I hope you had a lovely Yule and that 2012 brings nothing but joy to your new doorstep!