Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Conversation with Ella

While we were watching the weather report.

Ella: Maybe we’ll get snow.

Me: I doubt it.

Ella: But it’s snowing in the east, and we’re east of Florida.

Me: No. No we’re not.

Ella: OK. But we’re east of Louisiana.

Me: Again, no we’re not.

B: You almost had it. You were just 180 degrees wrong.

Ella stomps from the room.

B: What are they teaching them?


Ann in NJ said...

Oooohhh boy. And she's got the tween attitude, too. You're entering the "Mom and Dad are idiots phase". No one is as convinced of their correctness as a tween/teen. Logic and reason need not apply.

donna said...

Hehehe.....what can I say...kids love snow....and parents obviously know nothing so we should just give up trying!!!

knittergran said...

Better that Ella not know these things than that the teacher not know---like the teacher whose class I was in accompanying some special ed. students. She told the students that the capital of Australia was Sydney and that Australia had its own king and queen. Fortunately for me (so I didn't have to correct her) and unfortunately for her, she had a new student who was from--tah dah--Australia and he corrected her.
Pretty bad---couldn't she have at least LOOKED at her materials before she tried to teach the unit?

Becky said...

Love it!

Geography is hard.

Kmyrick said...

Naturally I feel the need to defend teachers here...

Baino said...

Hahah more than I know clearly although I do know your neck of the woods is more like mine. Aw take her to New York and skate in CentralPark, that's on my bucket list,