Thursday, October 13, 2011

11 years

Today, as is tradition, I’m going to bore Ella by telling her the story of her birthday. Of how my water broke at 1:00 am and then it took another 21 hours for her arrive. Of how the on-call OB, the third of the day, had light-up skeleton earrings and a scrub cap with pumpkins. Of how Liz came and hung out with me two different times because things were taking so long. Of how her granddaddy was so thrilled that she arrived on his birthday. Of how her great-grandmother drove all the way to San Antonio to buy her a special doll. Of how technology was so slow then that we had to take film from the camera to the store to be developed and then overnight the pictures to Knittergran and Runnderdude so they could see what their first grandchild looked like.

But most of all, I’ll tell her story of how she made me a mom – the most terrifying and amazing experience of my life.

And I’ll tell her how I still feel like she is connected to me and that everything is right in the world when she sits in my lap even though she no longer fits there.


Happy birthday my Ella-bella.


May 11 be a wonderful year for you.


shrink on the couch said...

Such a sweet and loving recap. Happy Birthday to your first born!

Unknown said...

Oh she secretly loves it! Happy Birthday to your beautiful little girl.

Alexandra said...


She has so much more poise than someone who is eleven.


What a young and assured little lady.

Happy Birthday, awesome one!!

We know how much your mama loves you.

Baino said...

Aww it's amazing how fast they grow. Seems like yesterday for me and mine are about to turn 25 and 27. Happy birthday Ella (belated, I'm sorry)