Saturday, September 18, 2010

Noticeably Stronger

Despite last week's cheerful post about my changed goals and expectations for the NYC Marathon, I have been a bit concerned about being able to even complete the distance. Two weeks ago, I did 12 miles and was pretty much reduced to a shuffle during the last mile; there was no way I could have run any further. Since then, I've worried that maybe the miles I logged on the treadmill all summer hadn't counted in some strange way.

I headed out at 5:30 this morning with the goal of running 14 miles, nervous about what would happen when I hit mile 12 - would I fall apart like two weeks ago?

I did hit the wall at mile 12, but I pushed through and was able to finish strong. I wasn't setting any land-speed records, but I wasn't shuffling either. I ran the last half mile with a friend and was able to chat with her as we went. Unlike two weeks ago, I could have run another mile without too much of a problem. But I stuck to my plan and stopped when I was supposed to.

It was the first time I've really noticed an increase in my fitness level. I have proof that my training is working. Yay!


ckh said...

Yay! Right on!

Unknown said...

you can totally do this!

Alexandra said...

I am proud and jealous at the same time.

You go fight win, and I am going to try and be more like you.

anymommy said...

Very impressive. I couldn't run 14 miles if someone paid me or threatened me with death. And, happy belated birthday to your beautiful boy.

Cookie said...

I read through a bunch of your older posts.
Happy Birthday to your son!
And that's kind of funny about your BBQ incident. Does that mean that next time you won't have to do it??
That is really exciting about the marathon! And even just getting in shape! I was getting into running more before I hurt my back. I miss it terribly.