Monday, July 27, 2009

It was a vacation

Many people asked whether visiting my parents qualified as a real "vacation," and they all seemed to be surprised when I said that it did.

Yes, there was the stress about the plane flight, and there was the havoc my children wrecked at my parents' house. Here's a picture of the living and dining rooms to prove that they made a huge mess.

But I still had fun.

I enjoy spending time with my family. We all share the same odd sense of humor, and I laugh harder with my parents and sister than I do with anyone other than my husband. And even though I've never lived in my parents' house, it feels like home to me. Being there just makes me feel better.

Plus, with my mom, dad and sister there, I had three extra pairs of hands to wrangle children. My mom took delight in catering to their every whim - giving them ice cream and snacks at the drop of a hat and picking Elizabeth up every time she started to even look the slightest bit unhappy. My dad took the big three to the pool every day; my parents' neighbor said he looked like he was leading a string of ducklings up the hill to go swimming.

Thanks to their help, I was able to do things I don't normally have the chance to do at home - like read, take naps, and knit. I also got a ton of paying work done during the first three days of the trip.

So, yes, it was a vacation, and a very good one at that.


Cathy said...

that's so great! i hear you, when I moved back to CO and got to spend lots of time with my parents, it felt like vacation even when we just sat around their house.

joanna said...

Sounds like a great vacation to me. The boys and I fly to FL next week to stay with my parents. Food I don't have to make! Babysitters who get up at 5 a.m. on their own and are happy to take care of a baby at that time! "New" toys to play with! Cousins! And... NAPS. Oh heavenly naps.

Unknown said...

sounds like a lovely one. My mom says she understands cultures who encourage extended families to live together better no that she is a grandmother

Ann in NJ said...

That's a perfect vacation! Especially the naps part. Too many vacations are just more work for Mom.

Baino said...

One look at that photo and it brought back the pain of a lego piece in the soft arch of your foot . .you know the one . .usually sustained in the dark, on the way to the small room! There always seemed to be an errant piece that escaped being tidied. So glad ou had a good time. Hey, good Nannas don't mind the mess!