Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Crossing the line

There's a fine line between brave and insane, and I think I'm about to cross it.

On Saturday I am flying with the four kids, but not B, to my parents' house in Atlanta for a seven-day visit. Everyone keeps saying how brave I am to attempt this, but I think I really fall into the "insane" category. I suppose it all depends on whether I can pull off this adventure without killing or losing a child or becoming a raving alcoholic or checking into a psych hospital for a "rest."

Since I planned the trip, I've been constantly talking about how "easy" it's going to be, like if I say it enough, it might actually come true. Or I'll actually believe it.

Here's my argument for why the trip will be "easy."

  1. B will be able to get a gate pass and sit with us at the Austin airport until our flight leaves. I won't be wrestling four kids and gear through security by myself.
  2. The flight is less than two hours, and it's direct.
  3. The big girls are seasoned travellers, especially Ella thanks to last weekend's trip. They'll have books and notepads and such to keep themselves busy.
  4. I'll be strapping Campbell into his carseat to keep him contained throughout the flight. He hasn't managed to escape his five-point harness, yet.
  5. My sister is flying into Atlanta on the same day and is planning to hang out at the airport and meet us at the gate to help wrangle everyone.
  6. We won't have to pick up luggage because I've shipped everything ahead of time. Each girl will carry a backpack with her books and a change of clothes, and I'll have a bag with changes of clothes for me and the little ones.

I keep going through this list and telling myself everything will be fine, really.

But then I start thinking of reasons why the trip won't be easy - like getting four kids, four carry-ons, a stroller and two car seats through security, even with B's help, and onto the plane, without B's help. Or the specter of Campbell's having a meltdown mid-flight and all the other passengers wanting to toss him out the window. Or Elizabeth, who's going to be a lap baby, coming apart at the seams and wailing. Or having some sort of weather or mechanical delay that causes us to sit in the plane, on the ground, in Austin for hours and hours on end.

Yeah, I'm definitely insane.


Seamus O'Pine said...

You say "raving alcoholic" like it's a bad thing . . .

calicobebop said...

You are brave and optimistic! Much better than insane! I'm sure everything will turn out better than expected! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!

Alicia said...

I am afraid for you. Have you read:

If not, don't.

Baino said...

Ah you sound awesomely prepared and the bigger kids can help with car seats and strollers. Just look 'stressed' and someone will come to your rescue! Then there's always Panquil!

Cathy said...

i think it will be fine--you've done so much planning, plus, it will only be 4:1 kid/adult ratio on the plane--that eliminates a lot of disasters. :) have a great trip!

Unknown said...

sounds to me like you've made all the provisions for easy that you can (very smart). As for the rest, if it happens so be any Xanax???

Bitsy Parker said...

This makes me want to crawl up in a ball and cry. Sounds so hard, but you are much tougher than I. I talked with a woman yesterday who traveled alone with her 7 month old and girls the ages of Lily and Ella. She said it was a breeze. It's the Campbell and lap baby that scare me. You can do it, I just know it!