Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Don't call it a come back" -- L.L. Cool J

I made it down to the trail to run at 5:30 this moring for the first time since Campbell was born. He woke up to eat at 5:00, so I decided to bolt down and meet up with the running chicks after I fed him. The only reason it worked was because they were doing a track workout. I missed them at the Rock because I was five minutes late, so I went straight to the track and warmed up while I waited for them.

Liz led us through a boot camp-style workout, and I'm sore already. We did mountain climbers, squat jumps, suicides, and lots and lots of push-ups and sit-ups. It was exactly what I needed. I could exercise with my friends without having to struggle to keep up on a run, and I proved to myself that I could make it down there to run.

My Lenten resolve was to stop making excuses and just get out and run, no matter what. So far I've been pretty good about it. Last week I asked Lisa E if Campbell could nap in his car seat at her house while I ran, and she said yes. I had planned to run with him in the jogger, but he fell asleep in the car and I didn't want to wake him up. He slept the whole time I ran, which was a relief. I would have hated to finish to find Lisa on her porch holding a screaming baby.

On Saturday I shipped the girls off with their grandfather and went for a run with Campbell in the jogger. I forgot how hard it is to push that thing. I did a shorter route than usual, but I was much more sore. Yesterday I bolted out the door after putting Campbell down for a nap. Brandon needed to leave pretty quickly, so I didn't run as long as I wanted to, but at least I got a run in.

I'm encouraged enough with my progress to consider running a 5K on Sunday, just to see how it goes. I won't make the decision until Sunday morning, however.

So I'm not calling it a come back, just yet, but rather a good start towards a come back.

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Anonymous said...

Yea! I'm glad you're able to get out there again.

Lent - it gives us a 2nd chance at a New Year's resolution. :)