Monday, October 21, 2013

Defending myself

A few weeks ago, I walked into preschool to pick up Elizabeth, and one of the teachers started laughing and said, "Oh mama, do I have a story to tell you." My heart sank. There are lots of embarrassing things Elizabeth could have told her teachers, the question was which one.

Here's the transcript.

Classmate: Why do I have to come to school every day? I want to stay home.
Teacher: You come here because your mom and dad go to work. They have jobs and earn money for your family.
Elizabeth: Not my mom. She doesn't have a job.
Teacher: Even if she doesn't work outside the house, it's a big job taking care of you and your brother and sisters. She keeps the house clean and does the laundry and cooks dinner. There's lots of work at home.
Elizabeth: No. She makes me and my brother and sisters do all the work. She doesn't do anything.
Teacher: Well what does she do all day?
Elizabeth: She plays on the computer.

At this point, I started sputtering. "But I do have a job! I really do. I'm a writer, so it looks like I'm playing on the computer but I'm actually working. And the kids do chores in the house, but I still do most of the cooking and cleaning."

I was mortified.

The teacher, however, just laughed, and said that they know not to believe everything the kids tell them.


Ann in NJ said...

Ouch. But good for teacher defending stay-at-home moms, anyway.

Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Oh boy. They sure do know how to cut us to the bone. Unintentionally of course, but so effectively.

shrink on the couch said...

I remember my son's made-at-school mothers day card - a sentence completion with "my mom likes to ... play on the computer all day" So I know hows you be feeling.

Mary Home Clean said...

LOL. I know the feelings because me too works in my own computer at home.

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