Monday, February 18, 2013

Someone talk me out of this

This is Robin Wright on House of Cards. I love her haircut. B and I have been rationing our viewings of the show, but each time we watch, I sigh about how much I want to cut my hair short.

I have always been willing to experiment with my hair. I've turned all of it pink, I've turned parts of it pink. I've cut off 10 inches for charity. I've cut bangs on a whim. I've bleached it almost white blond and I've turned it deep auburn.

My philosophy is that it's just hair and it will grow back.

But I just can't quite talk myself into getting this haircut. I know better. I know it won't work, no matter how much I love it. And I know I will spend the next year wishing I had never cut my hair short.

How do I know?

Because this is what happened the last time I cut my hair short. It just sticks up in a lumpy mess. It won't matter how much product I put in it and how much time I spend with a blow dryer or a flat iron. My hair will be a sticky-upy, lumpy mess.

I've been polling family and friends about whether I should try it. Knittergran says yes. Liz @Peace, Love & Guacamole says I should talk to a professional first.

B says I should get another tattoo.

What to do? What to do?


Unknown said...


Bejewell said...

I think you should get a tattoo of THIS picture, somewhere on your person.

Amy said...


Dee at Pedestrian Palate said...

Tattoo for sure.

Ann in NJ said...

Talk to a stylist.

Becky said...

Get a tattoo. For sure. When you see those hairstyles, remember they 1) don't have the same type of hair as you do and 2) they have a professional stylist EVERY DAY.

Susan said...

I actually love the yearbook hair! (I am a sucker for curls and ways as I have none.) I agree - talk to a stylist.

Rebecca in Switzerland said...

Your hair looked really great like that, actually.